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 Financial Information

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​​​​​​District Information

Drew Satterwhite, P.E.

Paul M. Sigle, EIT

Wayne Parkman
Allen Burks

Theda Anderson 
Debi Atkins

Tasha Hamilton

Kimberly Wilkins

Nichole Sims
Carolyn Bennett
Velma Starks


 General Manager

 Groundwater Technical Lead
 Field Technician
 Database Administrator

 Registration Coordinator

 Finance Officer



 Administrative Manager/Project Coordinator
 Project Consultant
 Administrative Assistant

Commissioners Court 

Groundwater Producing MUDs, SUDs and WSCs 


Other Municipalities

Groundwater Producing MUDs, SUDs, and WSCs

City of Sherman

City of Sherman

Fannin County

Harold Latham, Vice President

Mark Newhouse

Billy Stephens

Grayson County

​Mark Patterson, President

Chuck Dodd

David Gattis, P.E.

Mark Gibson, P.E., Secretary/Treasurer

About the District

The Red River Groundwater Conservation District (the “District”) was created by the 81st Texas Legislature under the authority of Section 59, Article XVI, of the Texas Constitution, and in accordance with Chapter 36 of the Texas Water Code ("Water Code"), by the Act of May 25, 2009, 81st Leg., R.S., ch. 884, 2009 Tex. Gen. Laws 2316, codified at Tex. Spec. Dist. Loc. Laws Code Ann. ch. 8859 (“the District Act”).

The District was created by the Texas Legislature to serve a public use and benefit, and is essential to accomplish the objectives set forth in Section 59, Article XVI, of the Texas Constitution. The District’s boundaries are coextensive with the boundaries of Fannin and Grayson Counties, Texas, and all lands and other property within these boundaries will benefit from the works and projects that will be accomplished by the District.

For more information about the individual counties, please visit the Fannin County and Grayson County websites.

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